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INVITATION- IECSC NEW YORK, 2022 – Fresh Products. New Techniques. Great Deals. You Can’t Afford To Miss It!

INVITATION- IECSC NEW YORK, 2022 – Fresh products. New techniques. Great deals. You can’t afford to miss it!

Aoduo is committed to achieving BIBOTING’s concepts of health, beautiful and natural beauty and let more women keeping breasts perky as to show their natural beauty from the inside out.

This is the second time that BIBOTING brand has participated in the IECSC New York exhibition and we also hope that more beauty or a related industry know this brand to achieve the spirit of this exhibition, fresh products, new technologies and new culture.
Aoduo BIBOTING is delighted to invite you to participate the exhibition.



AODUO is committed to advocating for Women’s Wellness and Beauty.
AODUO International LLC, founded in New York US, focuses on the market of health and beauty products.
It is the first and only company in North America that has been authorized by BIBOTING International Co., Ltd. in Taiwan to market BIBOTING Massager and to provide relevant professional training and maintenance services.
AODUO also provides the maximum value of the BIBOTING brand is reflected, and the mutual benefit of brand promotion is realized.


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