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Warranty Repair

3 years quality assurance

Warranty Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions applies only to our products under normal operating condition, and do not apply if the damage is caused by the act of god or it is a human-induced damage. .

  • We provide 3 -year free warranty repair for the main host of the massager. A repair fee will be charged according to the condition of the massager if the 3-year quality assurance is over.
  • The rhythm cube is guaranteed for one year. During the warranty period, if it damaged under normal use, it can be sent to the service centre for inspection and maintenance.
  • The main cup and listed cups, flat cup and trump cup of BIBOTING Cup, Accessories (power cord, long tube, short tube, pressure adjuster, car charger, DC cable) , are not warranted accessories.
  • In the event the product is repaired or exchanged, the subsequent warranty period will be based on the original product hence there is no warranty period extension.
  • Malfunction of instrument main processor due to natural disaster or man-made accident will be charged a service fee according to the faulty condition as a standard.
  • These terms and conditions do not apply to instrument that has been dismantled by unauthorized service personnel.

Repair Service Process

Please pay attention if you repair our products:

  1. Please send the product together with its warranty card to the service centre.
  2. Please indicate the following information while sending back the product:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Contact No.
    • Customer Address
    • Purchaser name and ID number, Date of purchase
    • List of massager serial number and accessories
    • Reasons of damage (such as BIBOTING Cup, must mention out the size and how much of the cup.)
  3. Please wrap up the product in a proper way, then attach the above information and send it back to the following address:

BIBOTING Service Center

North America Authorzied Distributor


    • Address: 
38-08 Union ST., Suite 7A , Flushing NY 11354
    • Customer Service No.: (+1) 919-855-8626
    • Hours of operation: 10:00AM-5:00PM

To avoid the long waiting time for the repair, please make a call to BIBOTING Service Center before sending the product.

Freight Standard

  1. Customer is required to send the product to be repaired to BIBOTING Service Center at own cost.
  2. BIBOTING Service Centre will return product to customer after repair and the shipping cost will be borne by the company.
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