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2023 IECSC Las Vegas Exhibition Recap

2023 IECSC Las Vegas Exhibition Recap

美國拉斯維加斯IECSC展會完美落幕啦 在這個健康產業的年度盛會裡,有相當多的人來體驗碧波庭科技按摩,不管是臉部、手部、肩頸還是腿部,都可自己簡單操作儀器,消除長期積聚的壓力和疲勞感,舒緩緊張和身心靈放鬆! 雖然活動已經結束了,但是還是能透過FB和IG訊息我們,預約按摩體驗哦 #碧波庭 讓健康、美麗與自信常伴左右~

The IECSC exhibition in Las Vegas, USA has come to a perfect conclusion 🎉🎉

In this annual grand event of the health industry, many people came to experience BIBOTING’s technology-driven massage. Whether it was for the face, hands, shoulders, or legs, they could easily operate the devices themselves to eliminate accumulated stress and fatigue, and to ease tension and achieve physical and mental relaxation!

Although the event has ended, you can still contact us through Facebook and Instagram to book a massage experience 🥰 BIBOTING – Let health, beauty, and confidence accompany you always~

AODUO is committed to advocating for Women’s Wellness and Beauty.
AODUO International LLC, founded in New York US, focuses on the market of health and beauty products.
It is the first and only company in North America that has been authorized by BIBOTING International Co., Ltd. in Taiwan to market BIBOTING Massager and to provide relevant professional training and maintenance services.
AODUO also provides the maximum value of the BIBOTING brand is reflected, and the mutual benefit of brand promotion is realized.


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