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Intelligent healthy, A key to enjoy.


Biboting massager
3 Structure Features of Massager-Activate your health with just a click

Activate your health with just a click

Durable key, dramatically reduce the probability of failure.

3 Structure Features of Massager-Highly stable design, rapid cooling

Highly stable design, rapid cooling

Avoid close proximity of massager to the facade to dissipate heat effectively.

3 Structure Features of Massager-
360° suction, at your pleasure

360° suction, at your pleasure

0.1 second per revolution, ability to rotate continuously for time adjustment.


3 Structure Features of Cups-Use 2 fingers to pull for rapid deflation

Use 2 fingers to pull for rapid deflation

Cup deflates quickly by opening the safety valve.

3 Structure Features of Cups-Vibration frequency can be arbitrarily adjusted

Vibration frequency can be arbitrarily adjusted

Vibration level can be easily adjusted.

3 Structure Features of Cups-Solid circular arc fits comfortably and seamlessly

Solid circular arc fits comfortably and seamlessly

Ergonomic design.

Available in various sizes to fit every part of the body.

4 Core Principles

4 core principles-Rhythmic suction and release massage

Rhythmic suction and release massage​

Comfortable with 0 stress
Rhythmic suction and release massage-Suction 2.4 Release 0.6Massage

Suction 2.4 Release 0.6
Rhythmic Suction and Release Massage

Rhythmic suction and release massage-20 years of R&D technology

Core Pump
20 years of R&D technology

Special PUMP, 20 years of R&D technology
  • BIBOTING is able to control the factory pressure standard value in betwen 500-580 Torr.
  • Custom made parts, unique suction and release massage performance.
  • PUMP has been able to achieve “4-point balance” over more than 20 years of R&D technology.
Safety specialty, structural features
  • 7 groups of structural patent and mould, 37 pieces of structural screw.
  • From the design of pressure stabiliser for deflation to precision parts assembly, the entire process is supervised by product engineers.
  • High-tolerant motor that is made in Taiwan generates uninterrupted high rotational speed to enable PUMP to output power steadily.
  • Capacitance stabiliser combines with special German-made bearings form the eccentric wheel, which is made in Taiwan.
BIBOTING 4-point balance
4 core principles-Comfortable vibration

Comfortable vibration

Soothing tension and fatigue
Comfortable vibration-Ergonomics, Global patent

Global patent

Comfortable vibration-Vibration massage, 7200 rev:min

Vibration massage
7200 rev/min

Vibration massage helps comfort and relax your body
The vibration frequency can be adjusted freely, thereby achieving constant and well-balanced massage to destress and relax the whole body.Vibration motor in the rhythm box assembly by using an integrated eccentric shaft that made in Taiwan, which uses the centrifugal vibration massage that generated by the eccentric shaft to convey deeper massage and more comfortable.
4 core principles-Negative ion

Negative ion

Sparks the momentum for health
Negative ion-Airborne vitamin

Airborne vitamin
Deep breathing for skin

Negative ion-With Rhythmic Suction and Release

With Rhythmic Suction and Release
Effectively promote suction and release

BIBOTING X Negative ion: Enable skin to "breathe deeply"

Massager internal negative-ion generator appropriately produces energy current and increases the content of negative ion.

BIBOTING X Negative ion
4 core principles-Warm feeling

Warm feeling

Warmness Sending
Warm feeling-Soothing tension, Eliminate fatigue

Soothing tension
Eliminate fatigue

Warm feeling-Warmness on partial part

Warmness on partial part
Great warmness feeling

Warm massage to eliminate fatigue
BIBOTING Massager continuously massages local part of the body, thus generating a warming effect to effectively relieve muscle tightness and fatigue.

▲Click to watch the video and explore BIBOTING manufacturing secret!
Focusing on R&D from design to production to customers for more than 20 years, BIBOTING carefully checks every sector, just to offer customers with the best quality.

BIBOTING Exclusive Accessories​

Multifunctional cups

Listed Cup

Listed Cup

Lightweight, convenient and durable
Trump Cup

Trump Cup

Specially for privatecare

Flat Cup

Flat Cup

Specially for facecare

Exclusive lines

Exclusive lines-Pressure Adjuster1

Pressure Adjuster

Long and short tube connecting interfaces
Accurately adjustable to a comfortable level
High quality production in Taiwan

Exclusive lines-Long Tube & Short Tube

Long Tube & Short Tube

Durable silicone, formed in one-off process
Use to connect the cup with the Pressure Adjuster

Exclusive lines-DC Cable

DC Cable

Use to connect with Biboting Cup 2 Rhythm Cube

Exclusive lines-Car Charger DC Cable

Car Charger DC Cable
(only for car use)

Intimate accessory
Connect with car charger for use in car

Other accessories

Other accessories-Centrifugal Filtration

Centrifugal Filtration

The centrifugal filter has a spiral axis on both sides, which disposes the discharge onto the wall of the filter, then uses the built-in filter sponge to store waste on the other side to avoid the waste from flowing back into the massager.
How to connect-Connecting to Pressure Adjuster
How to connect: Connecting to Pressure Adjuster
  1. Connect the filter to the silicone interface then connect Pressure Adjuster to the nozzle.
  2. Start using after connecting the other end with the long tube.
How to connect-Connect to suction hole
How to connect: Connect to suction hole
  1. Connect the silicone interface to the massager suction hole.
  2. Connect the transparent connecting tube casing.
  3. Lastly, connect filter with the long tube and start using it.
Other accessories-BIBOTING DNP


Multiplying high efficiency negative ion, comfortable convex-point massage

◆ Contain negative ion powder while the density of negative ions is up to 1902/cm³.
◆ Avoid blocking the suction hole which affects the operation of massager.
◆ The design of convex points on the surface makes the massaged body parts produce massage effect.

Applicable to BIBOTING Cup 2, 70 listed cup & 90 listed cup

BIBOTING Exclusive luggage

Exclusive luggage

BIBOTING always accompanied you which loading a healthy and beautiful life!

Biboting Massager is different from the ordinary bulky face or body massager, its main feature is portable for daily use, anytime anywhere. Therefore, BIBOTING designed the exclusive luggage to store the massager for portability.

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