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Multiple International Certificates symbolize the strength of brand

SNQ is one of the most authoritative experts in more than 100 related fields. It strictly controls the health maintenance services and products, and eliminating concerns about safety and quality in the market every year.

Provides Taiwanese companies with an internationally accepted exclusive identity, enhances corporate reliability and reputation, and allows companies to enter the global market more smoothly.

The applicable to the United States and Canada, indicating that products have meet safety standards, and the inspections through the regular factory tracking to ensure that the product continues to meet the marking requirements.

International CB product safety certification makes it easier to export products to member countries of the CB system.

Product safety certification, in accordance with European safety / health / environmental protection and other standards and directives.

The technical standards and import regulations of products are stricter in US. FCC certification is a safety mark for products to gain access into US market.


BIBOTING International CO., Ltd passed ISO9001 International Production Task Specification in 2004.

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