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Exhibition Review | 2024 IECSC Show In New York, USA

Exhibition Review | 2024 IECSC Show in New York, USA

2024 IECSC Show in New York, USA

The exhibition, hosted annually, features the IECSC New York Expo, situated in New York, USA, which proudly holds the title of the largest professional beauty and spa trade show in the United States and is recognized as one of the most influential and exciting events worldwide. The primary objective of the exhibition is to efficiently collect industry perspectives from attendees while staying abreast of market trends to capture cutting-edge information. Functioning as a comprehensive face-to-face communication and collaboration platform, it facilitates discussions among professionals in the related market, focusing on new concepts, trends, and development opportunities within the industry. This platform creates optimal opportunities for businesses to explore and develop the North American market. Every edition of the exhibition attracts professionals from around the world, including distributors, manufacturers, industry media, and other experts in the cosmetics and spa sectors. This signifies a special moment, not only in celebrating the 30th anniversary of BIBOTING but also in concluding the successful run of the IECSC exhibition in New York. At this annual gathering within the health industry, BIBOTING Technology Massage took center stage, capturing the attention of numerous participants.

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Exhibition Review | 2024 IECSC Show in New York, USA

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