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BIG NEWS丨BIBOTING 4DX MASSAGER and Biboting APP have been revised

The brand-new product debuts, BIBOTING 4DX MASSAGER, based on the concept of 1+1. It deliveries the rhythmic release and suction massage from Biboting Massager, which connects to BIBOTING 4DX MASSAGER to heat up the skin and inject multiple negative oxygen ions to help the skin regain its firmness and create a firm line beauty.

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Summer/ Master/ InstructorThe inspiration for the birth of the new product comes from the concept of “warm as summer”, and the image of the product, Master Xia, implies Biboting’s unchanging spiritual inheritance and original brand aspiration. BIBOTING 4DX MASSAGER can inject continuous energy into the skin in the rhythmic massage room, and enjoy the intimate and comfortable SPA experience with warmth and care, bringing you warmth and care throughout the year.

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Hand-held massage sticks on the market have limited internal space and limited pump power. The inner massager provides pumping power for 4DX MASSAGER, which can break the space limitation and generate a powerful rhythmic suction and release.


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▲BIBOTING 4DX MASSAGER APP interface explanation

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Biboting APP revision 丨New version upgrade function

The Biboting APP has been revised! The instrument interface has been fully adjusted, which not only beautifies, but also upgrades the operation mode function. Incorporating market operation research, the newly launched 【APP Exclusive Mode】, which brings together six parts of chest, buttocks, abdomen, face, shoulders and necks, and private care. It can achieve six-segment frequency conversion within 30 minutes of massage, allowing you every 5 minutes You can enjoy a different operating experience.

Old version APP

App landscape mode introduction

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Biboting APP interface explanation

▲Biboting APP interface explanation

More changes, better experience! Smart, simple and humane

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