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【Pink October Special】Caring For Women’s Breast Health, Let’s ‘Move’ With The Pink Ribbon! Healthy You, Beautiful You!

【Pink October Special】Caring for Women’s Breast Health, Let’s ‘Move’ with the Pink Ribbon! Healthy You, Beautiful You!

In today’s contemporary society, competition is exceptionally fierce. However, while striving to excel in every role, we often tend to neglect our own health. As stress gradually accumulates, various illnesses begin to surface, with breast disease being the foremost threat to women’s health. Nevertheless, health is the first crucial step towards realizing our dreams. Before living your ideal life, live a healthy life!


To advocate for everyone’s attention to women’s breast health, awaken women’s confidence in prevention and defeating the disease, and serve as the recognized symbol for global breast cancer prevention and awareness efforts, with the aim of encouraging women to take responsibility for their chest health and spreading love and hope to more and more women. It calls on people to not only focus on external beauty but also to constantly care for inner health!

粉红丝带月 早预防早发现 02

The origin of the “Pink Ribbon” comes from a patient named Charlotte Haley, who had battled breast cancer for many years. She attached pink ribbons to cards with a message that read: “The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget is $1.8 billion, only 5 percent goes for cancer prevention.” These cards were sent to prominent women in the hope of influencing the government to pay more attention to the issue of breast cancer.

In 1992, under the promotion of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, tens of thousands of women began wearing pink ribbons. With their advocacy, the “Pink Ribbon” became a symbol of the global breast cancer prevention and awareness movement. As a result, October is observed as “World Breast Cancer Awareness Month” every year.

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A reminder, a message of care.

The “Pink Ribbon” has garnered attention from people in all walks of society, sparking a breast cancer prevention movement nationwide with the motto “Love Yourself, Love Your Breasts!”

关爱女性 扫除乳盲 关爱男性 和谐家庭

Take Care of Your Breasts, Starting Now1. Develop Healthy Habits, Maintain a Regular Routine
Adequate sleep and a regular schedule ensure breast health.

2. Manage Your Emotions, Stay Positive
Participate in enjoyable activities to enrich your life.

3. Choose the Right Bra, Fit Matters
Select bras that fit your chest shape, taking responsibility for your health.

4. Stay Active, Incorporate Massage
Exercise enhances physical fitness, and BIBOTING, with its simulated manual touch suction and massage, frees your hands, allowing for effortless at-home care.”

5. Regular Breast Examinations, Identify Discomfort
If you notice any breast discomfort, seek prompt medical attention. 5張示意圖 工作區域 1

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