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Leader of Home Beauty Salon
Advocating Women’s Wellness and Beauty

Aoduo & Biboting

Aoduo International LLC,founded in New York US, focuses on health and beauty service products. It is the first and only company in North America that has been authorized by Biboting International Co., Ltd. in Taiwan to market Biboting Massager and to provide relevant professional training and maintenance services. Aoduo also provides local after sales services to ensure that the needs of member users are met, the maximum value of the brand is reflected, and the mutual benefit of brand promotion is realized.

Foundation of Aoduo


Aoduo, of it we are proud!

Aoduo’s pride comes from the traditional Chinese health preservation culture and Chinese medicine which have been spreading for thousands of years. They are the most profound cultural quintessence in China for over five thousand years that Aoduo is really proud about.

Aoduo, of it women are proud!

What Aoduo hopes is that women’s health can be built around their charming and graceful bodies. Aoduo makes every woman proud of herself.

Aoduo, of it the whole family is proud!

By integrating the traditional wellness concept with the modern technology, one single Aoduo device can benefit the entire family. Used by each, appreciated by all.


Around the world more and more people believe wellness preservation and practice various techniques.

Chinese five thousand years’ worth of traditional wellness culture and practices are playing the most important role.

Philosophy of Aoduo

To a family, the health of one is the fate of all. Health preservation has now become the trend of this era. With the mission of “advocating the healthy and beautiful lifestyle”, Aoduo is riding on the massive trend of keeping your healthy and beautiful. Connecting to the future with the idea of contemporary heathiness maintaining from home , Aoduo desires to bring health, beauty and confidence to millions of consumers. We would like to accompany our consumers on attentively boosting up their both physical and spiritual wellness after a busy working day so that they put in the best for the next success while still can enjoy their good life.

If Biboting means health and beauty, then Aoduo is the deliverer of those to the US which is the window of the world. Aoduo’s mission is to inherit and to continuously develop the Chinese traditional health and wellness culture. It is integrating the wellness practices into daily life by making luxury and high-end body beauty products become much more simple and affordable. Aoduo’s goal is to make wellness preservation modernized, simplified, and home-based, hence make everybody healthy and beautiful.

Note: The company’s products (ex Biboting’s products) are non-children’s products, and children’s operation and use are strictly prohibited.


BIBOTING Set Series are released
2nd Anniversary Pink Ribbon Charity Gala 2022

International Beauty Show

For the first time, Biboting massager appeared modestly at the International Beauty show 2019 held by Jacob k.Kavits Convention Center in New York for 3 consecutive days on 3/10-3/12. the response was overwhelming, the stream of visitors who came to experience it was endless.


Aoduo irregularly organizes Biboting product training.


Skilfully refined, not to be underestimated

Comfort / Innovation / Diligence

4 core principles - Rhythmic suction and release massage
Rhythmic suction and release massage
Comfortable with 0 stress
Comfortable vibration
Soothing tension and fatigue
4 core principles - Negative ion
Negative ion
Sparks the momentum for health
4 core principles - Warm feeling
Warm feeling
Warmness Sending

BIBOTING Exclusive Accessories

Small component  bring great effect

Listed Cup

Lightweight, convenient and durable


Multiplying high efficiency negative ion, comfortable convex-point massage

Exclusive Luggage

A full set of products can be installed for easy carrying anytime and anywhere

BIBOTING Essential Oil Series

Extracting from natural herbal essence, which contains essential oil nourishing factor to moisturize and condition the skin. It can be used with BIBOTING Massager.

Harmonious Essential Oil Series

Essential oils can bring good effects with deeper massage. Must use the natural raw materials on the most delicate part of the human body. It can be used with BIBOTING Massager.

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